The Interactivity Foundation to Support Faculty Interested in Exploring Civically Engaged Education

Course Development Institute for Courses Using Student-Centered Discussion
The Interactivity Foundation is accepting applications from college faculty interested in exploring its approach to student-centered discussion and civically engaged education.  The Foundation is a non-partisan non-profit devoted to greater citizen discussion and participation in the exploration and development of contrasting possibilities for future public policy.  We are seeking 10-12 faculty to attend our 2009 Summer Institute to be held August 1-9, 2009, on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Participants will learn, practice, and help to refine the discussion process we are developing for use in college classrooms and in broader public discussions.  Faculty will receive a $5,000 honorarium for their participation, and the Foundation will cover the costs of travel, meals, and lodging.
Following the Summer Institute, faculty will be invited to submit proposals for courses to be taught in the spring of 2010 at the participants’ home institutions.  Courses selected for funding will employ a student-centered discussion process to explore a range of perspectives on the course subject matter and its connection to civic life and public policy.  When the courses begin, faculty will receive an additional $5,000 honoraria.
We are seeking faculty who are experimental and interdisciplinary and who wish to explore and develop different approaches to student-centered classroom discussion.  We especially welcome faculty who view higher education within the context of active citizenship and who see deliberative discussion as a way to enhance student learning and connect the classroom to public life.
Interested faculty should submit a CV and a letter of interest which describes their experience and interest in student discussion, their approach to teaching, and which addresses our interest in developing innovative and collaborative discussion partners that can make creative contributions in developing courses and methods for student-centered discussion.   Please email these application materials to the Interactivity Foundation at by 10/24/08.  Notifications of selections will be made by 1/9/08.  For additional information, including a list of faculty and their funded courses from our prior Summer Institute, visit our website at

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