4 thoughts on “Survey about Libraries and Civic Engagement

  1. Kathe Fichter

    Our Library and Trustees have been engaged in the work of bringing our Railroad Depot (1878) back to town as a historical museum. The Library was instrumental in finding history pertaining to the Depot from its inception until the last train rolled out of town. We have cataloged this history and have pictures and written words on file for interested visitors to our small town of 210 to enjoy and learn of the depot’s past, and maybe offer some family history and information pertaining to their relatives who traveled the train. We offer our Library building without cost for Historical meetings to help engage the citizens in taking an interest and we have also had wonderful pencil drawings of the town’s early buildings done by a local artist to sell to help preserve our Depot and our town’s history. These drawings ,with historical facts ,will be done in note card packages. Our Library is proud of our town’s heritage and is working hard to help preserve this history. We have also undertaken the digital imaging on DVD of the old newspapers dating from 1878-1960’s for historical records. We hope this will bring new faces and new interest to our small town.

  2. Sara Weissman

    Sept. 27th we had Authors Day, with which we opened our County Authors Collection. A local publisher presented and over 30 local authors sold their books to the public. http://www.mclib.info/mac.html (The research collection was begun last December…we’ve already identified 159 local writers.)
    Nov. 1st will be Veterans Information Day. Over 20 federal, state and county agencies, offices and elected officials will be here to provide information to and take questions from veterans and the families of those currently deployed. Local hospital is providing free blood pressure screening, local insurance co has donated backpacks (350) for attendees to take away literature.
    Ongoing is our lobby concert series, in which we highlight the musicians/music programs in local schools. See the video at http://www.youtube.com/morriscountylibrary or the podcast channel

  3. Camille J. Leslie

    The Library Board sponsors a Cultural Diversity Committee which offers programs that reach out to minority populations in our area. We just held a health fair in partnership with an African American church, a local foundation which is interested in promoting health-based activities and our local hospital.

    There are other programs offered for children, teens and adults. If this is the kind of “civic engagement” ALA wants to feature, I will be glad to send additional details. Please let me know.

  4. Bev Finnigan

    The city of Sidney had a downtown assessment done in the summer. Some of the staff & trustees were privy to the question & answer sessions of the team doing the assessment. The library now has the assessment report in the library so interested citizens can peruse their findings.

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