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Our Budget; Our Economy Forums

For the past few months, I have been working with the AmericaSpeaks initiative, Our Budget; Our Economy. This unprecedented National Town Meeting will bring together thousands of people at sites across the country simultaneously deliberating the fiscal future of our country and the long-term impact of our rising debt. Even better, the report from these town meetings will be shared with the President’s Commission charged to develop recommendations to deal with our spiraling debt and the burden it will place of future generations.

This National Town meeting will take place on June 26 in the following communities:

Abuquerque, NM
Augusta, ME
Casper, WY
Chicago, IL
Columbia, SC
Dallas, TX
Des Moines, IA
Detroit, MI
Grand Forks, ND
Jackson, MS
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Missoula, MT
Overland Park, KS
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR
Portsmouth, NH
Richmond, VA
San Jose, CA

I am pleased to see that Donna Lauffer and her dynamic staff in Overland Park, KS will be one of the host sites!

I know this is taking place during ALA Conference. I’m the Dallas Site Manager so you know you won’t be seeing me in DC! But not everyone will be in DC in June. Some of you have to stay behind to hold down the fort!

If any of you are in these areas and are free on June 26th, this will be an amazing experience. Get involved by signing up to participate at, or hone your facilitation skills and sign up to be a facilitator. ( There will be telephone training sessions in advance. (see schedule at:

Of course, if you are in the area, I’m sure the organizers would LOVE for you to help promote the event through your network. Next to the registration link for each site is the option to email the host.

If you are not in the area of the sites mentioned, consider hosting your own community conversation. You can host a community conversation:

I think it would be great if libraries had great involvement in this project.


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Libraries Foster Civic Engagement Membership Initiative Group

2010 ALA Annual Conference – Washington, DC
Sunday, June 27, 2010, 10:30 – 12:00 pm
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