American Library Association

Members of the Center for Civic Life Advisory Committee have worked with the ALA Intellectual Freedom Roundtable to frame and design an issue map for deliberative forums entitled: “Who Do I Trust to Protect My Privacy?” as part of the Office for Intellectual Freedom Privacy Revolution initiative launched in the spring of 2010. The Center will host a third deliberative dialogue preconference in Anaheim in June 2012 in order to introduce participants to the deliberative dialogue process using the privacy issue books as well as provide an overview of convening and moderating.  ALA has also begun using deliberation in decision making, beginning with an informative session on the future of libraries and E-Government.  As issues arise that divide members, ALA recognizes the benefit of a deliberative approach to finding common ground so that it can move forward.  We will work with various units of ALA to find opportunities to use this type of choice making.


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