Anchorage, AK Public Library

Let’s Talk Alaska (LTA) identified public libraries as potential partners where public deliberation could be embedded as part of a community mission. The organization engaged with the Alaska Library Association with informational presentations, facilitated demonstration dialogues, and training workshops. LTA also organized an informal community of practice in civic dialogue, “Lets Talk Alaska”, that includes consultants, community activists, and individual interested in facilitation, dialogue, and deliberation.  LTA has partnered with the Anchorage Public Library and wrote a document, Civic Dialogue & Social Change: An Introductory Guide, which locates civic dialogue within the context of community organizing. It describes a model for organizing a collaborative program in public deliberation that proposes different roles necessary to the process consisting of conveners, process practitioners, and facilitators that give librarians options for choosing how to support a program within the limits of their resources.

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