Kansas State University Libraries

Kansas State University Libraries work closely with the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy (ICDD), an NIFI affiliate.  Among the Library’s many collaborations is an outdoor film festival on the library’s front lawn that features a discussion forum. The series began because of a paucity of non-commercial film venues in town, but quickly evolved into an annual launching of the school year with provocative films like the PBS POV series that stimulate discussion on public issues. The library has partnered with faculty who encourage their students to attend the series, and churches that hold potlucks just before the movies start. The library has used this event to develop measures of effectiveness, ranging from testimonials, newspaper reports, surveys, post-film dialogue, post-film reading, post-film documentaries aired across campus, and use of James Fishkin’s Deliberative Polling protocol.  KState Libraries are also involved with statewide deliberative forums including a series focused on community-based broadband deployment.

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