Rutgers University, NJ Libraries

At Rutgers, a team of librarians has named and framed a discussion entitled: “What is the Future Role for Library Liaisons at Rutgers University?” which provided choices about the evolution of new roles and institutional strategies for strengthening relationships within the University community. A deliberative dialogue about new approaches to working with the Rutgers community provided library staff an opportunity to talk together about possibilities for engaging more directly with the campus in library services, instruction, and scholarly communication. The dialogue offered a new way to talk and a different agenda for action. Roles were redefined and strategies for action reconsidered. Subsequently, Rutgers University librarians have launched a series of conversations to recalibrate their interactions with the campus community. These conversations, focused on aspirations, are bringing people with common concerns together, unleashing new possibilities to occupy a more visible, valued role on campus, build partnerships, and “get in the flow of users.” 

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