Awards and Recognition

In the past few days, as I scan e-list messages and blog posts, I’ve noticed numerous reminders about applying for or nominating a colleague for on of ALA’s 211 awards (if I counted correctly). That’s because most deadlines are coming up (many are stated as December 1, or more accurately Monday, December 3, 2007) so that the documentation can be assembled for committee review at the Midwinter Meeting. Alas, some have already passed.

The awards, grants, and scholarships fall into several categories:

  • Professional recognition awards honoring the recipients for achievments, sometime in a specific area, other times for a lifetime of work; the recipients may be individuals or organizations
  • Book and media awards awarded to authors, illustrators, producers, and publishers. (Note: the major children’s and youth media awards are announced on the Monday morning of Midwinter.)
  • Awards for having written an excellent article or book, or completing significant research–or grants enabling the winner to write one.
  • Various research grants, conference travel grants or fellowships; and
  • Scholarships.
  • Although there is general oversight of the whole process by the ALA Awards Committee, each award has its own procedures for identifying prospective winners, set by the sponsoring committee, office, round table, or division. Newer awards tend to follow the best practices set outlined in the Awards Manual, but like many activities of ALA, there is extensive variation. The best way to find out the procedures? Search the phrase for the award on the ALA site, or contact the sponsoring unit directly.

    So, if one of your colleagues deserves one of these awards, now is the time to act!

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    1. Karen Says:

      From an ALA press release: The deadline has been extended to Feb. 1 for a number of American Library Association (ALA) awards and grants including: the Beta Phi Mu Award, the Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award, the Equality Award, the Scholastic Library Publishing Award and the Sullivan Award for Public Library Administrators Supporting Services to Children. (See


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