Making Your Unit’s Blog More Visible

This post is more of a reminder that anyone can add missing links to the ALA Read Write Connect wiki, which lists all of our known 2.o-ish sites (blogs, wikis, podcasts, discussion forums, etc.). Basically, this is our attempt to bring together in one place all of the online sites where you can interact with ALA staff and colleagues.

If you know of a site that is missing, please feel free to create an account and add it. It’s free and doesn’t require any approval ahead of time. It’s impossible for us to know all of the unit sites that are out there, so we appreciate your help maintaining this list. The only requirement for inclusion is that the site has to be affiliated with an ALA entity (unit, division, round table, member interest group, etc.).

Posting your unit’s new sites here as they come online will also help George Eberhart track your activities for possible inclusion in our weekly “AL Direct” enewsletter, thereby gaining more visibility for the great work that you’re doing. In addition, you can email George specific links and ask him to include them in ALD (which isn’t always possible, but he does his best). Contact him at geberhart [at] .

4 Responses to “Making Your Unit’s Blog More Visible”

  1. Craig Fansler Says:

    Hi ALA-

    I have a Preservation blog in which I discuss my preseration activities throughout the year. Is this appropriate fr your wiki?

    If so, how do I create a link?

    Many thanks,

    Craig Fansler


  2. Karen Says:


    The wiki your blog might be appropriate for is the Professional Tips wiki, specifically this page:

    The ReadWriteConnect listing is more of a directory of the wikis, blogs, etc.that are the result of work of ALA divisions, round tables, other units, and staff.

    To put the link in, register as a wiki user, click the edit button and put in text that looks like this (sort of):
    [link including the html:// title of blog]
    (you need the brackets)



  3. WiiBrew Says:

    Hi, Just thought I’d let you know your blog is displaying funny in my K-melleon browser. Looks good from what I can see though.


  4. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for letting us know.


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