Electronic Mailing Lists

Are you interested in joining one of ALA’s electronic mailing (or discussion) lists (more popularly referred to by the brand name LISTSERV®), but don’t know where to start? 

There are upwards of 150 such lists, some open to any subscriber and general in scope, others limited to a small group for the purposes of accomplishing a specific task.  Most ALA lists are run on the ALA servers and are listed on the ALA e-lists homepage.   For instructions about joining one of the lists, please visit the “lists” page of the ReadWriteConnect wiki at http://wikis.ala.org/readwriteconnect/index.php/Main_Page

The ReadWriteConnect wiki also has information on the other tools you can use for getting involved in ALA’s work electronically–blogs, RSS feeds, wikis, podcasts–and Second Life!

Note: there are a few lists that are not run from ALA servers; these will be referenced on the web pages published by the sponsoring groups or noted in their publications.


4 Responses to “Electronic Mailing Lists”

  1. Diedre Conkling Says:

    I am wondering why there are sections for ALA Divisions, Governance and Offices but not Round Tables in the “Mailing List Categories”. I know some of the Round Table lists are not on the ALA servers but I think a number of them are including IFRT, SRRT, GLBTRT, NMRT, and GODART. They are listed in the “List of Lists” section but I would think it would be helpful to members to have them on the Categories page, especially since this is the “Home” page. If one does not know to go to the list of lists it might appear that there are no Round Table lists.


  2. Karen Says:


    The categorization of the lists is not complete, and a category for the round tables could certainly be added. If you own one of those, I believe you can do it … and then add your list to the category. Our friends in ITTS made a decision to go with “good” rather than taking the time to identify a category for each and every list, knowing that the taxonomy is fluid. In short, they decided to get the new interface up and running and ask for assistance in the refining. If I’m wrong about the ability of list owners to create new categories, I’ll work to get a round table one … soon.

    BTW, we similarly expect list owners to add to the ReadWriteConnect wiki–particularly if one has a list for an ALA group off the ALA servers.



  3. Diedre Conkling Says:

    Well, I still think it is weird to leave off one major grouping in ALA. I am not a list owner so there is nothing I can do to change this. I hope one of the Round Table list owners will read this and see if they can make the change.


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