Website Transition Update

In fall 2008, ALA will unveil a redesigned website, with a new look and easier navigation. The redesign is the culmination of two years of gathering information from focus groups, interviews, usability tests, surveys and other feedback loops. As we migrate our vast array of web pages this summer, please contact the ALA Library at (or 800-545-2433 x2153) if you need assistance locating specific content or updates during our migration. We invite you to preview the site’s new look at

The statement above will appear on the *current* ALA website during the month of August. You will also note two other changes on the current website:

  • * The graphic image – the cube – from the preview site is now appearing on the current ALA website.
  • * Below that – in the area where announcements have previously been posted – are three news tabs:
    1. Inside ALA includes news from across the entire Association. This news section is dynamically updated from ALA press releases – with the most recent news appearing at the top.
    2. Legislation & Advocacy includes news from the ALA Washington Office and ALA Office for Library Advocacy.
    3. U.S. & World Views includes a news feed from American Libraries.

The rest of the current ALA website will remain static during the month of August, giving ALA staff and volunteer content creators and managers an opportunity to make the transition to the new information architecture. If you visit the preview site during August, you will continue to see changes and updates as work moves forward.

Right after the Labor Day weekend, ALA will “flip the switch” – and turn on the new ALA website, along with an enhanced search feature. No, it won’t be 100% complete. There will still be a lot of work going on as we complete a significant redesign. During the next 30 days, however, staff and volunteers are focusing on getting the most-frequently accessed pages into the new architecture.

Thanks to the many volunteers who, along with staff, create and manage content on the ALA website. Thanks also to all of you who spent time responding to surveys and critiquing preliminary stages in the redesign.

3 Responses to “Website Transition Update”

  1. Steve Says:

    If ALA is going to ‘flip the switch’ and turn on the new website right after Labor day, then maybe you shouldn’t claim that “In fall 2008, ALA will unveil a redesigned web site….” Fall doesn’t begin until the 23rd of September.


  2. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Steve. For those of us with school-aged children, “fall” begins when the schools reopen–usually after Labor Day. And there is also astronomical fall and meteorological fall (see We hope that by September 23 we’re well on our way to an improved experience in using the ALA website … and that all the questions to the Library have dropped back to our usual level of inquiries about ALA programs and activities!

    Karen, the ALA Librarian who is fielding the site questions …


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