Midwinter Registration on the ALA Website

It has been brought to our attention that we said information on the 2009 Midwinter Meeting, to be held January 23-28, 2009 in Denver, would be posted on August 15, and that date has passed.  So what’s happened?

Lots, as it turns out.

ALA–both staff and the volunteer web developers–has been working for many months on a major revision to our very large (70,000+ pages), complex Web site.  At the Annual Conference in Anaheim members had the opportunity to see the new design.  This design may be previewed at a staging site.  As part of the transition to the new site, we “froze” the current website, except for the news feeds on the home page, as reported in a press release and on this blog.

But before freezing the site, we did publish information on the Midwinter Meeting, and this information is accessible three ways:

  1. Through the logo link in the upper right quadrant of the current home page;
  2. Through the preview site: starting at http://staging.ala.org/home.cfm, click on “Conferences & Events” in the left navigation, click on “Upcoming Events,” then 2009 Midwinter Meeting, bringing you to Midwinter site; and
  3. Directly (bookmark this, if you bookmark anything).

The functionality at the staging site is limited, as we are working behind the scenes to transfer and reorganize content from the current site to its new structure.  Some paths, such as that indicated above, work as intended, even if some intermediate pages are still skeletal; other paths do not work at all; and yet others do not work as intended, but allow us to understand what needs to be adjusted.

In summary, registration for the “bundled” registration will be available September 2-30, and regular registration opens October 1.

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