Apply for a Travel Grant to the ALA Annual Conference

Other bloggers are discussing the cost of attending an ALA Annual Conference. I’m going to help you do something about it!

Last year I prepared a list of all the travel awards from ALA and its divisions and round tables. This year, I’m happy to say that there is near one-click access to the entire list on the new website. Start at the home page,, click on “Awards & Grants” in the left navigation, then on “Publications, Research & Travel” next to the picture of the open wallet in the middle of the page. The listing you’ll find has all the travel awards in one place.

The time to get your application together is now, as for most of the awards the deadline is the first business day in December. Thousands of dollars in travel awards are available to ALA members and interested professionals through the generosity of vendors and other sponsors. Check out the requirements for these grants. Apply for yourself, or nominate a member of your staff or a colleague.


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  1. Bujar Kocana Says:

    From five years i am ALA MEMBER.I have been in all annual conference of ALA.
    But i work in University Library in Albania with minimum wage $500 in month.
    I am hoping in your support


  2. Natalie Says:

    I need an estimate of the cost of attending a conference? Does anyone have a breakdown they would be willing to share or that they have found online?


  3. Nann Says:

    Conference can cost a lot or a little, depending on how economically you choose to travel. The basic expenses are registration, transportation, lodging, and meals.

    * Early-bird registration is the cheapest. It ranges from $95 (student members) to $190 (ALA personal members); later registrations cost more.
    * Transportation to/from the conference site (Chicago). Fly/drive/train…or motorcycle, bicycle, hitchhike .
    * Lodging: a conference hotel can be as low as $40/night if you share the room with 3 others. You can sleep even cheaper if you have friends or relatives in Chicagoland who would be willing to have you stay.
    * Meals: consider packing granola bars, ramen noodles, coffee and filters for in-room “dining.” Chicago restaurants range from ultra-cuisine to cheap-eats.

    If you have a family, consider bringing them along and making Conference your vacation. There’s lots to do in Chicago for kids and adults.



  4. Karen Says:

    Most of the rest of it is still a clean slate, but I just updated the Conference on the Cheap page on the Annual Conference 2009 wiki:



  5. Michael Dowling Says:

    Dear Bujar:

    It is god to hear your voice on this blog.

    Unfortunately, as you know, ALA does not have specific grants to assist international librarians in attending the Annual Conference

    International librarians can apply for those travel grants listed in the original post, and would compete with any other applications.

    For international librarians you may also look for potential funding support opportunties at the IRRT Exchange site

    Each year the U.S.State Department supports a couple of travel groups from various countries to the ALA Annual Conference. You should contact the Information Resource Center at the US Embassy or Consulate nearest you to see if you may be eligible for these programs.

    Michael Dowling
    ALA International Relations


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