Now it’s the wikis’ turn

Earlier this year, we did a count of the number of blogs and wikis various units of ALA had established, learning that there were well over 100 wikis. The older of the wikis were initially established on an in-house server, whose resources are shared with other key systems functions. The newer wikis have been established on off-site servers.

Starting next week, staff in our IT unit will be migrating all wikis currently hosted at to the off site resources. This is being done for two important reasons:

1) To increase stability and availability. As noted, the in-house server cannot support running multiple services on an ongoing basis, and recent wiki downtimes we’ve experienced are the proof.

2) To allow us to upgrade each wiki to the newest version of Mediawiki, which in turn will allow implementation of security measures to minimize spam and allow other enhancements, such as uploading more kinds of files.

For the next few weeks, between 6 and 10 wikis will be transferred. The wiki owners will be notified in advance. During the time of its transfer, each wiki will be out of service for an afternoon. Each wiki will receive a new URL, in the pattern of[yourwiki] becoming http://[yourunit][yourwiki], with, for example, becoming There will be a redirect at the old wiki’s root directory to the new wiki location, but any bookmarks of sub-pages within the wiki will *not* continue to function. Mediawiki is just not built for that. Alas! more broken links!

To see a listing of some of ALA’s wikis, visit ReadWriteConnect, itself a wiki that will migrate ….

2 Responses to “Now it’s the wikis’ turn”

  1. jessamyn Says:

    There should be a way to get decent redirects for high traffic (you are tracking stats, yes?) subpages implemented. I’ve seen mediawikis do this all the time. Breaking all the wiki links is really not something that should be happening.


  2. Matthew Ivaliotes Says:

    Jessamyn – That is a very legitimate point, and I want to be sure to address it completely. Since that will not fit in these comments, I will send you my thoughts on this via email, with someone here following up with another blog entry shortly.


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