Have You Connect-ed Yet?

Just a quick note to say how happy we are about the response to ALA Connect. We’ve received many positive emails, tweets, and more about the site, but even better – folks are checking it out and using it. This can be difficult to see, as many working groups are not posting their content publicly, but we’re only a couple of weeks into this new endeavor, so we expect content in the working groups and communities will continue to grow, especially going into Annual Conference.

Here are some early numbers from the site’s first two weeks:

  • 1588 people have logged in (1395 ALA members + 193 non-ALA members)
  • # of new communities created by ALA members and staff: 22
  • # of posts: 124 total
  • # of online documents: 124 total
  • # of calendar events: 125 total
  • # of polls/votes: 14 total
  • # of discussions: 32 total
  • # of images: 24 total

So stuff is happening on the site – what’s happening in your groups?

3 Responses to “Have You Connect-ed Yet?”

  1. Rebecca Blakeley Says:

    I created the Government Information Interest Group at ALAConnect (http://connect.ala.org/node/72764) and we are looking for new members from all kinds of librarians to join! It would be nice to have more members from Public and School librarians in particular. You don’t have to be a member of GODORT or be a Gov Doc Librarian to join. But if you are, that’s fine too! 😉 I’ve started some discussion questions but we need some more activity and discussion. Thanks.

    As I told Jenny Levine, it is great to have a virtual space that “flattens” the ALA hierarchy a bit and allows everyone to get to know each other via the member made communities. It also lets me check out what LITA folks are doing since I don’t have much time to see them at the annual conferences because I am too busy doing GODORT stuff! I think we just need to keep promoting it and encouraging our colleagues to try it out. The learning curve is not too bad and the more you explore, the more you really start getting into it!


  2. Alma Ramos-McDermott Says:

    I created a section where my YALSA Diversity Task Force could work. I find the site very easy to use, and really like the calendar feature. Thank you to the “powers that be” who set up the site.


  3. Aaron the Librarian Says:

    A bunch of us are looking at mobile-computing-based library services and had decided to start the paperwork to get a LITA Interest Group going.

    Being able to create the community for the Mobile Computing Interest Group (we almost immediately had more participants indicate interest than the minimum signatures of interest required for the paperwork) and get started right away has been very handy.

    On to modifying the by-laws to obviate the need for the paper form!


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