Members Helping to Explain and Improve ALA

There are many members who try to help with the ALA Civics concept on their own, so I’m also going to try to highlight their work, too. Recently, two great examples of this type of initiative were posted online.

  1. Steven R. Harris created an infographic to help explain the major pieces of ALA and how they relate to each other. It’s a great perspective, and I like that he was able to do this visually. Like Steven, I’d love to see others build on it or create their own explanations.
  2. Oleg Kagan ran a survey of non-voting ALA members to help determine why they didn’t vote and how ALA could improve the process. The results are pretty straightforward, and I definitely see room for improvement there. I’m pretty sure a couple of different groups within ALA will discuss the results, so I hope to report back about this topic in the future.

Have you created something that helps explain ALA or seen something useful that someone else posted? Let me know so I can help highlight it.

2 Responses to “Members Helping to Explain and Improve ALA”

  1. Steven Harris Says:

    Since, “don’t know the candidates” seems to be the main reason people don’t vote, may we should get over our shy ways and adopt campaigning as an acceptable practice. Am I right in understanding that there is no ALA rule per se against campaigning. We just don’t do it much because it seems unseemly?


  2. Jenny Says:

    Steven, you’re correct that there is no ALA rule against campaigning for ALA elections.

    I agree with you that getting your name out there should be an acceptable practice when running for an office. My personal take on it is that you have to do more than say, “Vote for me,” though. There was definitely a thread in the survey of voters wanting to know where candidates stand on issues and what differentiates them from everyone else.

    It seems to me that a candidate who’s going to campaign may have to push, “Vote for me because I’ll push for x, y, and z” in order to be successful these days.


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