ALA Happy Mutants rejoice – Library Boing Boing is coming!

I can no longer contain my happy mutant self – I can finally announce a new ALA member interest group called Library Boing Boing. It’s a new group full of awesome and win and triple rainbows (yeah, we’re one-upping everything). But what exactly is LBB, you ask?

On the one hand, Library Boing Boing is a collaboration between ALA and the fabulously amazing Boing Boing folks to highlight all of the great new things libraries are doing. The most visible result will be regular posts about those great new things on the Boing Boing site itself.

On the other hand, Library Boing Boing: The Group has its own goals to help happy mutants in local communities connect with their happy mutant librarians to do good, work together on our shared interests, and make the world more better. Here’s the official mission and goals for the group, as noted on the petition that LBB co-convener Jason Griffey submitted to ALA today.


To bring librarians and Boing Boing readers (aka, Happy Mutants) together to generate support for and raise interest in libraries via projects at local libraries.


  • Help find and propose content about libraries that could be posted to Boing Boing.
  • Provide active ways for Happy Mutants to support and get involved with their local libraries (eg, toolkits, best practices, ideas for local projects).
  • Create dynamic programming at library conferences that Library Boing Boingers can then take outside of the library community to promote libraries (eg, SxSW, local community events, etc.).
  • Work together to help Happy Mutants advance our shared interests (eg, copyright reform, net neutrality, game culture, digital divide issues, open government, etc.).
  • Coordinate an international community of librarians working with their own Happy Mutant groups.

So how do we make this happen? Right now there’s a petition that any ALA member can sign to formally establish the Library Boing Boing Member Interest Group at the 2012 ALA Midwinter Meeting. Go sign now, because we need 100 signatures to #makeithappen. In Dallas, the ALA Committee on Organization (COO) will review the request and if they endorse it, it will go to ALA Council for final approval.

Then go join the Library Boing Boing community in ALA Connect where we’ll discuss all of the great things the group can do and start planning how to implement them when the group is officially official.

Start dreaming big. What could a dedicated, motivated, inspired group of librarians do with both Boing Boing and their own local happy mutants? How can we spread Library Boing Boing goodness throughout the profession? I’m thinking of things like LBB Kickstarter and getting the first librarian speaker at TED (hopefully just the first of many). LBBers could also host local Boing Boing meetups at their libraries, and the LBB group could create a toolkit interested libraries can use to get started holding their own meetups.

And if you’re coming to Midwinter, save your Sunday evening for the Library Boing Boing #alamw12 Meetup (details TBD soon).

Needless to say I’m pretty excited about this project. The co-conveners for the Library Boing Boing member interest group are Andrea Davis, Jason Griffey, and Patrick Sweeney. I’ll be a staff liaison, along with Tina Coleman. All that’s missing is you. We’ll be posting more details in the community, but we need your help to get the ball rolling. Sign the petition, join the community, and roll up your sleeves, because we have a lot of great work to do together.

26 Responses to “ALA Happy Mutants rejoice – Library Boing Boing is coming!”

  1. Andromeda Says:

    You all are so awesome it is hard for me to do anything other than BABBLE IN ALL-CAPS FOR HOURS ABOUT WHY THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.


  2. Marie Says:

    seriously badass. great work!


  3. Daniel Ransom Says:

    I love the energy! I’ve signed the petition.


  4. GUESS WHO Says:



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  6. Bohyun Kim Says:

    How awesome! Congratulations!!!


  7. JenJen Says:

    Does this mean we have a chance to get some BoingBoingers to speak at ALA conferences (and, say, the LITA Forum) for cheap? Weeee!


  8. Noel Chandler Says:

    A seriously great idea, nice work!


  9. Derek Wolfgram Says:



  10. Sarah Meade Says:

    Triple rainbow – OMG! What a great idea. Signed!


  11. Jesus Lau Says:



  12. Jesus Lau Says:

    Good luck!


  13. Cheryl Says:

    What can us laypeople do to help?


  14. Lisa Bunker Says:

    Let’s go for a beer and gamestorm!


  15. Myrna E. Morales (@SeerGenius) Says:

    Anything that involves Andrea is gonna be the bomb… we know this, don’t deny yourself…


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  17. Jenny Says:

    I’m totally psyched about this, in case you can’t tell, but I’ll need your help to pull this off so I appreciate your support.

    To answer Cheryl’s question about what laypeople can do to help, we’ll have a form up soon where you can submit story suggestions for Boing Boing. That’s the major startup piece so that we can build a flow of new content to post.

    Then do the “dream big” part over in the Connect community so that we can hit the ground running with ideas. I know there’s a lot more we can do than just the ideas that I’ve posted there.

    Lisa, if you’ll be at Midwinter, the LBB meetup will totally be drinks and gamestorming, but the virtual version is the Connect community. 🙂



  18. Sally J. Says:



  19. Abigail Says:

    This is just the push I needed to finally join ALA! 😀


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  23. Sheilah Says:

    Love the idea. Sorry it is so U.S. centric though. Not every librarian lives in the U.S. and is a member of ALA.



    Jenny Reply:

    Hi, Sheilah —

    Actually, Library Boing Boing isn’t U.S.-centric at all. We’re already talking to folks at CILIP and IFLA about posting info about international libraries, and we’re open to collaborating with other library organizations. If you’re a member of one and would like to discuss how to get involved, feel free to email me at jlevine [at]



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