October 2013 Snapshot for the ALA Board

In addition to meeting at the Midwinter and Annual conferences, the ALA Board meets twice a year at ALA Headquarters in Chicago, once in October after the final budget close (ALA’s fiscal year ends on August 31st) and again in April. Senior Associate Executive Director Mary Ghikas put together the following numbers for the Board’s meeting this past October. I know a lot of ALA members don’t normally see this kind of aggregated information, so I thought I’d share it here.

Final attendance AC 2013 compared to AC2012:

  • 2013 Chicago:     20,237 attendees ; 6,126 exhibitor personnel = 26,362
  • 2012 Anaheim:  14,746 attendees: 5,388 exhibitor personnel = 20,134

Number of exhibitors:

  • 2013 – 793
  • 2012 — 757

Financials (as of the October 8, 2013 3rd close):

  • Total Revenues: $6,290,048
  • Total Expenses (before Overhead/Taxes/Allocations): $3,496,263
  • Overhead Contribution:  $1,603,673
  • Net Revenue:  $1,094,977

Number of separate-scheduled events/sessions in Chicago, AC2013:  2,792

Number of meeting rooms used in Chicago, AC2013:

  • All spaces, including off-site, exhibit floor, stages and booths: 403
  • Rooms only (without off-site spaces): 372
  • Rooms only (without off-site or exhibit floor spaces):  292

Number of individuals who used Conference Scheduler (ALA Connect), compared to AC2012:

  • Number of people who saved an Annual 2013 schedule:  6578
  • Number of people who saved an Annual 2012 schedule: 4079
  • This is a 62% increase.

Number of individual ALA units/external groups creating “sessions” for 2013 ALA Annual:

  • ALA groups: 141
  • UNO (Unaffiliated Organizations): 115

Number of individuals entering session data/space requests into the conference planning system: 497 users

In addition, ALA’s Executive Director assembles a summary report for the Board before each of its meetings, so here’s Keith Fiels’ report for October 2013 (269 KB PDF). Additional information about ALA’s budget can be found on the Treasurer’s page on the ALA website.

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